Everyone and Anyone

This journey is for everyone not just academics. The whole aim of the project to help democratise Ulysses - to bring it to people who thought they would never have the interest, patience or time to read the whole book.  Hopefully, readers from all walks of life with all sorts of reading interests - as well as people who read few books -  will find lots to please, intrigue, annoy, stimulate them during the 80 days via our virtual chats/conversation at #Ulysses80.  And maybe a whole lot of people will finally get to finish the book so many have dipped in and out of so many times but never got to the end of.

Many have suggested that the best way to enjoy Ulysses is to listen to it being read rather than reading it oneself. So members of the #Ulysses80 Bookclub can be listeners as well as, or instead of, being readers.  The RTE radio production of Ulysses will be one of the resources used throughout.  

The TED Ed talk by TCD’s Joyce expert, Sam Slote is a wonderful enticement to the task.

Hodges Figgis and Books Upstairs are partners in the initiative. They sell several editions of Ulysses as well as many of the recommended resources available to help the average reader negotiate their way through one of the most notoriously difficult books in the English language.